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Happy 2024!

This year, we celebrate our 26th anniversary 


Many thanks to

our loyal customers, our team and our founders.

Since 1998 Télésonique has been a pioneer and a major player in the liberalization of the Swiss telecom market. Our team is committed to continue serving our customers and adding value to the whole industry.

Switch to Télésonique and say Yes to fair competition!

About Télésonique

Télésonique was founded in 1998 in Geneva, Switzerland by a team of previous AT&T International senior managers.

Télésonique SA entered the Swiss telecom market upon liberalization in 1998, and has been a driving force ever since in market liberalization and market education. Télésonique team, believes in fair competition and free market forces, which benefits the Swiss consumer and national economy.

Our Services

Our Services


Internet Access for Home, Office and In-between



Mobile Internet Access for iPad/Tablets/Laptops 


In collaboration with our partners, Télésonique is adding mobile services and devices to its portfolio. We negotiated great rates for our customers. Customers will be supported and invoiced directly by Télésonique.

All services offered by Télésonique, will be billed collectively in one single invoice.


Make it easy for your friends, family and business contacts to reach you.  


Virtual Phone numbers from over 70 countries.


Calls are forwarded to your phone, anywhere in the world.


We have prepared three packages for you to choose the one that best fits your need.


In addition, We can also prepare a customized offer for you.

VoIP- IP Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using an Internet connection. VoIP = Internet Telephony: the transmission of voice over the Internet in place of a conventional telephone line.    

Fixed Network

Télésonique has been one of the first operators to offer an alternative to Swisscom upon the end of its monopoly status and the subsequent liberalization of the Swiss telecom market in 1998.
Our fixed network portfolio includes services for both Swisscom and UPC / Cable-networks lines.   

For years, your telephone landline was supplied by one operator. You know whom! This era is over. Finally, you have the freedom to choose. Now, you can transfer your existing Swisscom phone line to Télésonique.

The transfer is transparent to you. No installation is needed. No change of your phone number. Your existing line will move to Télésonique. The only difference, you will pay half of the calling rates that you pay to Swisscom.


In addition, you will receive a transparent invoice detailing all your calling consumption at no extra charge. You will receive one invoice from us, for services offered by Télésonique like mobile, internet, etc. We include all of your services and consumption in one informative and transparent invoice.

This service is referred to in the telecom industry as “ULL” for Un-bundled Local Loop, which simply means the end of Swisscom monopoly on the last mile of the telecom fixed network.


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