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Fixed Network

Télésonique has been one of the first operators to offer an alternative to Swisscom upon the end of its monopoly status and the subsequent liberalization of the Swiss telecom market in 1998

For Swisscom® lines

For years, your telephone landline was supplied by one operator. You know whom! This era is over. Finally, you have the freedom to choose. Now, you can transfer your existing Swisscom phone line to Télésonique.

For UPC® & Cable TV Phone-Lines

Do you like your TV and internet offer by your cable company? but feel abused by the high calling rates specially for international calls?

No Sweat!  Télésonique has a solution for you.

New Phone-line "Analog"

Do you need a new phone line for your home or office? Now you can order your landline from Télésonique directly.

2nd Line (IP/VoIP)

Is your family growing? or Do you need a separate phone line for your business? or you would like to save on your calls? Whatever the reason is, Télésonique makes it is easy and affordable to add a second VoIP phone line at your home, your home office or business.

Virtual Phone-number

It is a regular phone number that is not tied to a physical line, and can be assigned to your existing phone line as a 2nd number, or any other phone of your choice ( Swiss or International).

Calling Rates:

T-Budget Calling Rates

Introducing T-Budget Calling Rates for Telecom!

Half-Price Calling Rates

Introducing Half-Price Rates for Telecom!

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