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For Swisscom® lines

Freedom to choose! Ability to save!

For years, your telephone landline was supplied by one operator. You know whom! This era is over. Finally, you have the freedom to choose. Now, you can transfer your existing Swisscom phone line to Télésonique.

The transfer is transparent to you. No installation is needed. No change of your phone number. Your existing line will move to Télésonique. The only difference, you will pay half of the calling rates that you pay to Swisscom. In addition, you will receive a transparent invoice detailing all your calling consumption at no extra charge. You will receive one invoice from us, for services offered by Télésonique like mobile, internet, etc. We include all of your services and consumption in one informative and transparent invoice.

This service is referred to in the telecom industry as “ULL” for Un-bundled Local Loop, which simply means the end of Swisscom monopoly on the last mile of the telecom fixed network.

Do I have to leave Swisscom to be able to save? Can I pick and choose?

At Télésonique, we believe in customer freedom to pick and choose. If you decide to maintain your Swisscom phone line, you still can save on all your national and international calls by using Télésonique Calling Service

You can simply do that by dialing 10719 before each call. This service is named: “call-by-call“, which means, you can decide on each call, if you want to use Télésonique or Swisscom.

Télésonique Carrier Selection Code is 10719

If you want to save on all your calls, you can opt for “automatic pre-selection“. This way, you save on all of your calls, without having to dial any codes before each call. Just select this option in your subscription form

Télésonique Calling Service is easy to subscribe to, there is no installation or technical work involved, moreover you keep your phone number. There is no activation fee nor minimum contract duration. You maintain your freedom, which is what telecom liberalization is all about. The power is in the hand of the consumer. Our rates are simple and transparent. You can compare them apple-to-apple against Swisscom or any other operator. With Télésonique, there is no call-set-up charge. So, saving on your phone bill is real and effortless.

Moreover our standard invoice includes all calling consumption information, and precise cost for each call. There is no extra charge or application for this service.

With Télésonique you can substantially save on all your phone calls, from home or office. You have two great rate plans to choose from: T-Budget or Half-Price 


Option A

Transfer your Existing phone line to Télésonique:

  • Automatic savings of 50 % on all calls

  • One invoice for both your phone line and phone calls.

  • Free Voice-Mail box.

  • Invoice includes phone calls details at no extra charge.

  • Option to add high speed internet (10/1 Mbit/s) for only 24.- Fr./month

Half-Price rate plan is included at no extra charge. Monthly subscription of 9.- Fr. is waived.

Option B

Keep your phone line with Swisscom and use Télésonique to save on your phone calls:

          B1                                           B2

Save on selected calls             Save on all calls

     call-by-call                    Automatic Pre-selection

Rate-Plan choices:T-Budget: average savings of 30 % <> Half-Price: 50 % of Swisscom calling rates (9.- Fr./month)

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