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With Télésonique Turbo-Net offer, you can choose the speed you need,

from 10 Mbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s.

The 10/1 Mbit/s speed is offered for only 24.- Fr. per month,

as an upgrade for customers who have Télésonique Phone-Line Classic.

If your phone line is still with Swisscom and you would like to transfer it to Télésonique

If you already have a Télésonique Phone-Line Classic, please call customer service (041 560 6988) or send


Turbo-Net for extra fast speed!

If you do not have a traditional (Analog) Phone line, or you do not need it any more, you still can get internet access without a phone line rental. You can choose the internet speed you want starting at 30 Mbit/s and up-to 1000 Mbit/s.

Please note, internet speed depends on availability of Fiber or DSL in your home or office. Our customer service team, would be happy to check this for you.

Your benefits with

 Télésonique Turbo-Net: 

  • No more monthly cost for Swisscom line rental

  • Free Phone Support

  • Savings


Download Mbit/s¹                   10(5)                  30                       60                       100

Upload Mbit/s¹                           1                       6                        12                         20

CHF/ month                                24 –                  59 –                     69 –                      79 –


Download Mbit/s¹                 30            60             100               250            500              1000

Upload Mbit/s¹                      6             12               20                250            500              1000

CHF/ month                          59 –         69 –             79 –              89 –           99 –              119–

(1) The actual speed depends on your location (e.g. the distance to the nearest telephone switchboard).
(2) There is a one-time activation fee of 99.- Francs.
(3) Minimum contract duration is 12 months. The contract has to be cancelled 2 months before it ends. In case the contract is cancelled before the minimum contract duration, the remaining monthly subscription fees shall be payable at once.
(4) After the first year, cancellation is possible any time with two full months’ notice.
(5) Available only on Télésonique Phone-Line Classic.


Prices shown are in CHF incl. VAT. Only for normal, private use.

In case an electrician is required at the customer’s location, all costs shall be incurred by the customer.

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