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Mobile à la carte

Mobile à la carte

Do you value your Freedom? and do not want to get stuck with long-term mobile contracts?

Do you pay for mobile services you do not use? or for mobile packages you do not need?

Just pay for what you use!

Introducing mobile à-la-carte!

Monthly subscription : Only 9.- Fr.

  • One low rate of 0.19 Fr./minute for all Swiss destinations

  • 0.05 Fr./ Mega for Internet Access

  • 50% off Swisscom® calling rates to international destinations. Introducing Half-Price Rates for Mobile 

  • You may keep your current mobile number, or get a new mobile number


Internet Options for

à la carte mobile:

         Data volume     500MB           1GB         3GB

         Monthly Rate       5.-                  9.-          30.-

  • Prices shown are in CHF per min. incl. VAT. Only for normal, private use. This offer is only valid for one Télésonique Mobile SIM card.

  • The SIM card costs 19 Fr.

  • International Roaming blocked. Can be activated based on customer request.

  • The contract can be cancelled at any time in writing with two months’ notice

  • Unused data volume expires at the end of each billing period.

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