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History & Mission


What we do

Télésonique specializes in providing telecommunication service to Swiss consumers, businesses and international organizations.


Business History

Télésonique was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1998 by a team of previous AT&T International managers, who genuinely believed in the telecom industry liberalization and its benefits to the Swiss consumer and Swiss economy.


Since its inception in 1998, Télésonique has been a strong driving force in market liberalization and education. We are proud to be the first Swiss operator that linked humanitarian support with telecom services through the famous “Help-Africa” program, that was introduced in conjunction with the Nobel prize winner; MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES. Télésonique was also the first operator to remove virtually the borders between Switzerland and its neighbors, by introducing “Sans Frontiers” (without Borders) offer. Télésonique was also the first operator that introduced competition on international calling rates from mobile.


Our vision is to deliver an exceptional telecommunications service for consumers, businesses and international organizations. We aim to contribute to better customer service within the telecommunications industry.

Our uniqueness

Télésonique is innovative, adaptable, collaborative, responsive, resilient and forward thinking. We value very highly the work of our people and support their ongoing development of knowledge and skill. At Télésonique, we believe in fair competition and free market forces, which benefit the Swiss consumer and national economy. Few among what our customers enjoyed include;

  • Discounted prices

  • Innovative services

  • Better customer service

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