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Devices on Installments

Devices on Installments-backup copy

Do you want to buy a new smart phone or tablet on monthly payments?

We have prepared the following offers to Télésonique mobile customers, with flexibility and low-cost in-mind.

If you are not already a Télésonique mobile customer, It is easy to become one. SIM activation is only 19.- Fr.


As always, you are never stuck with Télésonique on an inflexible contract. You can cancel your mobile subscription any time, with only one full month’ notice. However, the balance of installments on your device becomes payable immediately. This offer is limited and is subject to change. Phones and Tablets are not locked.  We are confident that you will be satisfied with our prices and service and continue to use our service for years, without being forced into it with a an inflexible contract.

  •  The offer is only valid for existing and new Télésonique Mobile customers.

  •  Offer valid while supplies last

  •  Phones are not locked, and can be used with any operator.

  •  Prices shown are in CHF incl. VAT., valid from 01.01.2017. Shipping and handling charges are 19.- Fr.

  •  In principle, there is no right of return for devices. Prices and specs are subject to change. Availability not guaranteed.

  •  Télésonique reserves the right to conduct a credit-check and accept or reject installments applications.

  •  Even with installment sales, you are still free to cancel your mobile subscription any time you want, with two month notice, however the balance of installments is payable immediately (for the phone or tablet only), if mobile contract is cancelled before full payment of the 24 installments.

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