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In collaboration with our partners, Télésonique is adding mobile services and devices to its portfolio. We negotiated great rates for our customers. Customers will be supported and invoiced directly by Télésonique. All services offered by Télésonique, will be billed collectively in one single invoice.

Introducing ” mobile à la carte”

Do you value your Freedom? and do not want to get stuck with long-term mobile contracts?

Do you pay for mobile services you do not use? or for mobile packages you do not need?

Just pay for what you use!

Mobile Internet Access for iPAD/Tablets/Laptops/ Mobile Hotspot’s

Need internet access for your iPad, Tablet, Laptop or your MiFi-Mobile Hot-Spot?

Look no further, Now you can choose the data plan that suits your need:

Smart offers for Smartphones

We have a special offer for our Mobile Postpaid customers. Choose one smartphone from our current offer and we will send it directly to you. This offer is limited and is subject to change.

Mobile Phones and Tablets on Monthly Installments 

We have prepared the following offers to Télésonique mobile customers, with flexibility and low-cost in-mind

Introducing Half-Price Rates for Mobile

Télésonique offers one low simple rate of  0.19 Fr./minute from mobile to all Swiss Destinations; fixed or mobile.

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