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Virtual Phone-number

What is a Virtual-Phone-Number?

It is a regular phone number that is not tied to a physical line, and can be assigned to your existing phone line as a 2nd number, or any other phone of your choice ( Swiss or International).

This is transparent to the caller, as it is a regular phone number. It can be dialed from anywhere in the world. It will ring at the phone of your choice; home or office (or even mobile), This service handles incoming calls only. It has no effect on our outgoing calls (phone calls you make).

Why would I need a Virtual-Phone-Number?

√ Privacy

√ Home-office use

√ Telecommuting (Working remotely)

√ If you would like to cancel your landline, but would like to keep your phone number. You can transfer it through Télésonique to become a Virtual Number ( i.e. not dependent on a physical line). Télésonique will forward your calls to any phone in Switzerland or around the world.

√ Separate private and business telephone numbers√   Cost savings; No need to install and pay for another phone line, if you just need a 2nd number

√ Works without internet access

√ Flexibility, to forward incoming calls to other numbers, or mobile, when needed. No need to move the physical phone line, each time you move

√ Use a number that has a different area code than your physical phone line

√ When you move to an area that uses a different area-code, you can maintain your old number by transfering it to a virtual-number

√ Change your Virtual-Number and/or Forwarding  Number as often as you want. Nominal fees apply. Please see below.

√ You can order as many Virtual-Number’s as you need. Also international numbers from other countries. for more info write to:

√ and many more…


Available area codes:


021/ 022/ 026/ 027/ 031/ 032/ 033/ 041/ 043/ 044/ 052/ 055/ 056/ 061/ 071/ 081/ 091

Also, available Toll-Free numbers from over 60 countries, and Virtual Numbers from over 2000 area codes around the world. for more info, e-mail:

Activation and Fees:

  • Your new Virtual Number can be activated within 2 working days. Proof of billing address is required.

  • Monthly Subscription: 9.- Fr

  • There is no charge for the first 300 minutes of incoming calls per month,  for calls forwarded to your Swiss Fix line. Additional minutes are charged at 5 cents per minute.

  • Optional: Incoming calls to your Virtual-Number can be forwarded to your mobile as well. Forwarding rates: 25 cents per minute.

  • One-Time Set-up & Activation Fee: 10.- Fr.

  • Changes of forwarding numbers: 5.- Fr. per change. A change is implemented within 48 hours.

  • Change of Virtual-Number: 7.- Fr. per change

  • Transfer/porting of existing numbers: One time fee of 25.-Fr. Transfer can talk up to four weeks.

  • Cancellation notice: Two months

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