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What is VoIP ?

Welcome to the era of Digital Telephony!

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using an Internet connection. VoIP = Internet Telephony: the transmission of voice over the Internet in place of a conventional telephone line.


Why VoIP?

We connect many devices (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to the Internet in order to send e-mails, watch streaming videos, check news or get information, or  just have fun. From now on, your home phone will also be online for you to call and receive calls, this is VoIP technology.

Why T-VoIP from Télésonique?

We offer you the flexibility to keep your existing Landline number by transferring it to your VoIP account, or get a new phone number. You can use your T-VoIP account from home, office and/or mobile. You can even use your VoIP/Landline number from your mobile. We will pre-configure devices and app ordered from us, to get you going easy and stress-free.

All T-VoIP customers automatically benefit from our Half-Price rate-plan, without having to pay the monthly subscription of 9.- Fr.

Simply out, from now on you only need to pay 50 % of Swisscom rates for national and international calls. Check half-price rates 

What do I need to use Télésonique T-VoIP?

  • A high-speed Internet connection (Télésonique or other provider).  Check Télésonique Turbo-Net (( ))

  • A VoIP router/adaptor and/or VoIP phone. We recommend IP Gigaset telephone or an analogue telephone with a FRITZ!Box modem or a Cisco adaptor.

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