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Half-Price Calling Rates

Introducing Half-Price Rates for Telecom!

Introducing Half-Price Rates for Telecom!

50 % discount on Swisscom® Rates* on all calls to mobile and landline; national and international.

Monthly Fee: CHF 9.00. There is no fee for months where no calls are made.

√ Half-Price monthly fee is waived if you switch your Swisscom® phone line to Télésonique before end of 2017.

√ Free calls to all Télésonique fixed line customers.

√ No call set-up or hidden charges.

√ No Maximum on discounted calls.

√ No minimum contract duration.

Half-Price,  National Rates:

Half-Price,  International Destinations:

* per on 01.01.2017
** Monthly fee of 9.- Fr. is waived for Télésonique Phone Line-Classic, and T-VoIP customers.
– Tariffs in CHF per minute, 8{bec5d5b0691623da9c3866cc7a7a83e57a8c879048ad739c3b6a0be71a985f67} VAT included, billing by increments of CHF 0.10,
– Free calls to telesonique customers’ landline numbers are limited to 300 minutes per month.
– Plan can be cancelled anytime with a full one-month written notice. Rates are valid for standard phone connections only.
– Not valid for Premium, VAS numbers and Int’l premium mobile.
– Rates are subject to change without notice.

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