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About Us

In 2001 Télésonique took over OneTel, Facilicom and NetNet and expanded its presence in the Swiss German market. It also reinforced its presence in Geneva by acquiring GTN.

Télésonique is known for its creativity and ambition. It was the first Swiss operator that linked humanitarian support with telecom services. Notably, it famous “Help-Africa” program, that was  introduced in cooperation with the Nobel prize winner; MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES.

In the first year of launching Help-Africa, Télésonique donated more than CHF 303’00 to MSF to support its activities in Africa.

Télésonique was also the first operator to virtually remove the borders between Switzerland and its neighbors, by introducing its “Sans Frontiers” offer (without Borders). With this offer Swiss customers for the first time in history, could call Germany, France, Italy and Austria for the same rate as calling domestically.

Télésonique was also the first operator that introduced competition on international calling rates from mobile. An area that had no competition, as the 3 mobile operators can get away with charging whatever rates they pleased.

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